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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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we're one day away from the bay bridge closure, but bart will be running 24 hours a day. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what they'll be doing to get the word out coming up. i'm bob redell. we're live at san jose at the open. how fast are the guys hitting those serves. we'll have that coming up. >> a house that's been standing since the pioneer days goes up in smoke in san jose. >> the president's coming to down and we'll show you which roads and highways the commander in chief's motorcade will commandeer. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelly. this morning fire ripped through a building destroying a piece of history in san jose. you can see flames shooting through the roof. the fire was too hot for firefighters to attack from the inside so they were forced to battle this blaze from the outside. the kelly house belonged to one of san jose's original pioneer families. also this morning people in solano county bracing for more aftershocks after another quake rattled vallejo. the magnitude 3.5 shaker hit two miles south of vallejo. people as far away as martinez and crocket felt it. so far, no visible damage, but people who live in the area say
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it was quite a jolt. >> it felt, you know how when you're sitting in a chair having a cup of coffee at a restaurant and somebody's coming by behind you and bumps your chair really hard. that kind of thing. >> the quake comes just 15 hours after a 3.5 quake shook the area about a mile away. we'll have continuing coverage on the quake at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. flashing lights business tinted windows and detours all signs the president is coming to town. 45 minutes from right now mr. obama takes off from los angeles international airport and he'll then touchdown here at sfo. the commander in clevelanding just before 1:00 this afternoon and then he heads straight into san francisco for just a long list of fund-raising events. nbc bay area's traffic anchor is here with a look at how the president's agendal affect your lunch hour and the break. >> the president and i standing here. good morning, mr. president. it's a big deal when he comes to
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town especially with the traffic flow. you better make sure you have a working navigation system, a gps. this is a live picture, 101 moving clearly past candlestick. likely not the case in a couple of hours. the president's caravan goes from sfo to the city pgus bl using 101. they a traffic break that continues before and after them. the first campaign stop for the president and the event at the intercontinental at nob hill at 2:00. it is right across the street 1. from the tonga room and california, pine, mason and powell. later tonight at 7:00, the president will be headlining a fund-raising dinner at a private home. rumor has it that the dinner will be held at a pacific heights mansion on broadway street owned perhaps by an oracle heiress and her husband. pacific heights is bordered by the marina, the presidio and
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chinatown. so if you see lots of cars with tinted windows drive by, either that or the morning crew is coming through. a couple of hours later at 9:00 the president heads to nob hill masonic center for another campaign event that's just across the street from grace cathedral. major streets impacted are california, pine, and jones. the president will stay in san francisco tonight as best we know and before heading out of town tomorrow from sfo. that will likely cause a problem as well as when they hit the road in the morning commute. we'll send it back to you, jon and marla. >> good information. thank you, mike. plenty of details in store for people on both sides of the bay bridge. caltrans shutting down the westbound span during the long holiday so construction crews can get to work. christie smith is live at the west oakland bart station with a look at how bart is stepping up to help people get around the closure. good morning, christie. >> good morning. it's coming fast.
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tomorrow night at 8:00, the upper deck of the bay bridge will shut down and caltrans is circulating, not one, but two flyers. i've been speaking with these guys here, and they tell me that they've been at bart station for nearly two weeks, letting people know about alternate routes and that bart will run 24 hours a day this holiday weekend and something everyone might know by now, but they don't. caltrans has signs up at the entrances to the bay bridge which will be closed until tuesday morning so that realignment work can be done on the new eastern span. 370,000 commuters drive it daily which is roughly the same as bart. instead of closing at midnight, bart will run 24/7. one commuter told us she didn't hear much about it. >> a little bit late, i would think. >> i don't think it was a big promotion on that piece. >> when did you find out? yesterday? >> but the times we've run overnight before and the numbers are relatively small.
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3,000 people on the overnight hours. so there are not that many people who ride overnight, but we understand it's a public service and for some people you need to get across the bridge. >> so bart will be running a longer train, stopping at 14 of its 44 stations. be prepared for quite a way coming back from the city because overnight trains will run hourly. the extended service again is from friday through early monday morning, then tuesday, bart will be back to normal, but they say they'll be running longer trains on tuesday morning just in case. reporting live in oakland, i'm christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> this morning search crews say they're still digging in a mass grave near lenden. san joaquin sheriff's deputies will send a camera through where more than a thousand bone fragments were uncovered in recent days. searchers will send a scope down
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a second well nearby. while the digging is done, their work is not. >> we are going to revisit and introduce cadaver dogs at this location. we're not finished. we're not walking away from this. >> deputies were led to that well by one of the so-called speed freak killers who claim he and his partner dumped more than a dozen bodies during a killing spree in the '80s and '90s. they're fighting back aimed at tough new rules aimed at late-night violence. they may sue the city to protect their operations. the city has already cut alcohol service by an hour at one downtown bar. other business owners say they're concerned city leaders will force them to close their doors earlier than the current 2:00 a.m. closing time. >> more than 200 students are scrambling right now after the state abruptly shut down their school. the san jose and oakland campus in the instuft medical education
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have been closed by state regulators before schools were accused of deceiving students lying about their accreditation. the school sent students a letter telling them they were required to pay the remaining balance on their tuition. students say they're stunned. >> it's -- it's -- i don't know. i'm just so confused about this letter. i'm trying to get all of our money. i don't know why. >> the schools have three days to answer questions from state regulators. the school's operators say they might sue the state over the shutdown. >> well, this morning they're taking their lessons learned out of the classroom. right now some sociology students are fanning out at san jose state with petitions. they're hoping to push the city to bump what's minimum wage from $8 to $10. the students will have to get 19,000 signatures to get it on the november ballot. san francisco became the first city in the country to top $10
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earlier this year. the occupy movement is on the move. the protesters are camping out on the steps of dole memorial lean raer. they decided to move the tent from sky hall over to the university's lean raer to help turn student's attention to library cuts. the camp site is not allowed and it's asking the group to voluntarily leave. okay. tennis, anyone? >> sounds like a good idea. the s.a.p. open hitting center court this week in san jose. nbc bay area's bob redell is warming up live at the hp pavilion. we hear you're getting ready to take onna i pro. this is frank moezer, he's -- congratulations, first off. you and kevin anderson made it to the semis in doubles. quickly, before we do the fast serve competition between you and i where i will show you the fastest serve ever which will break 50 miles an hour.
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what is your average surf speed? >> i don't know. i don't really pay attention. it's pretty fast. i don't have the fastest in the world, but it's a pretty fast one. >> what would be pretty fast? >> in one tournament i took 138. >> but you never really know if it's accurate. >> if it's 138 give or take 50 miles an hour, you're still over 100. >> yeah. >> we have a radar gun here. we're not sure how accurate it is, but it will definitely be accurate in showing the difference between the speeds. >> i think it would be more dramatic iffy woo we start low and then go fast. >> i'll get out of the way. >> yeah, back up. and dave with the radar gun, just duck really quick because i'm not sure i'll hit the target. >> oh, 71. about half of what he's going to get.
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>> one more. one more. >> here we go. how am i on my form? >> hold the grip a little bit more like this. >> like this? >> yes. >> okay. >>. >> that was nice. >> the control was much better. >> oh! >> okay. let me be his ball boy here. >> now it's time for the monster. >> i'm going to make a call and say you'll do 75 and then escalate to 100 and pop off at 108. >> geez. >> let's reset. >> that's a lot of power. >> that sounded good. i could feel the concussion. my hair's been blown off my head. >> here we go. he has to get his hair band back in there. >> oh, my gosh! >> 97. >> resetting. >> 100. >> no effort, is there?
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>> on the nose. >> all right. hey, good luck to you this weekend and go ahead and close us out. you can still get tickets for the sap open to see frank moze, r out there. good luck to you. go to for tickets. >> bob, you'll be his ball boy, can i be the ball girl? >> actually, i think kevin anderson's calling, he wants to know if he can have a new partner, right? i don't think so. >> you can be his new partner. >> oh, i got 81 off the floor. >> way to go. coming up, how much is rick santorum worth? we'll crunch the numbers from his newly released tax forms. >> look out app developers. washington is taking a closer interest in you. we'll take a look coming up. hundreds of inmates trapped h pugnsori and now reportspped that many of them were never
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it is so good.
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this morning, new and gut-wrenching details coming out of honduras where hundreds of inmates died trapped in their cells as a massive fire ripped through a prison. new pictures too horrifying to show on television shows stacks of charred bodies in the rubble. now we're getting word that many of those killed have never been charged with a crime, much less con sprinthd more than 350 inmates died in the flames which was set by an angry inmate tuesday. the local governor says firefighters were blocked from enteringhe grounds for 30 minutes by guards who feared there was a breakout. in syria this morning a possible rocket attack brought down a house, here it is, in homs. hundreds of people are believed to have been killed by security forces in the past two weeks alone. also this morning, escalating tension in the middle
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east as israel is watching the development of iran's nuclear program very, very closely. nbc bay area's stephanie gosk is monitoring the situation this morning from tel aviv. >> reporter: today israeli leaders responded to claims by iran that it has made significant development in its nuclear program. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that sanctions, although important, were clearly not working and his defense minister ehud barack said that this was just a stunt on iran's part to convince the world that it had gone beyond the point of no return. he also said that these claims were exaggerations. >> oh, i see that the sanctions should be ratcheted up and made even more urgent. i think that for the first time we see signs of impact to the sanctions, but they might not be suffice. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad unveiled what he said is a new generation of centrifuges to enrich uranium.
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he said his country iran is now capable of producing its own fuel rods. israel and the united states claim that iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon. it's a charge that iran has denied. people in this country believe they have the most to fear from a nuclear-armed iran and officials say that the attacks seen earlier this week around the world will only continue. stephanie gosk, nbc news, tel aviv. >> lawmakers now say they've reached a deal to extend the payroll tax cut unemployment insurance and the medicare dock fix until the end of the year. lawmakers from both houses reached the compromise after midnight. a 2% cut in the social security payroll tax will run through 2012. for a family earning $50,000 a year, the cut saves them $1,000 annually and in a win for republicans, jobless benefits have been reduced from 99 weeks to 73 weeks in the hardest-hit
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states. lawmakers are hoping for a vote by week's end. today we're getting a better idea of republican presidential candidate rick santorum's net worth. according to just released federal income tax returns the former pennsylvania senator made $923,000 in 2010, that's down a bit from the $1.1 million he reported the year before. both those figures are up from the $660,000 he made in 2007. his wealth, of course, doesn't even come close to the multi-million fortune mitt romney racked up in high finance. santorum's money comes from his work as a corporate consultant and media commentator, that is, based in washington, d.c. speaking of washington, it's stepping up right now increasing pressure app makers. >> this after several missteps by programmers. the federal trade commission wants to know if apps are giving away children's information. scott mcgrew explains.
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>> good morning. the federal trade commission released a report this morning raising concerns that app developers don't give enough information to parents before apps are downloaded as to what's happening behind the scenes. the ftc looked at hundreds of apps designed for children from flash cards to joke generators. the report doesn't name any specific apps, but it does put pressure app developers to be more straightforward. congress, meanwhile, taking a new, closer look at apple and its app developers after a social network called path was caught uploading app users' address books without permission. the company apologized and deleted the data, but bloggers started looking at other apps and found many do the same thing. apple this morning says it's going to better enforce its fine print. this could be a big problem because many of the apps on your phone could be a violation. it figured it would take a few hundred homes sold to see if any of them were suspicious.
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nearly all of them were suspicious. 99% of the homes sold had what king calls irregularities. 84% had what the city said were one or more violation of the law. one of the most common problems of the organization that actually owned the home at the time of foreclosure. california's real estate laws were dedinin to address a far simpler, much different market. it appears to be utterly broken. the house senate and commerce committee will meet about taking a big step politically. subpoenaing people into solyndra. up until now the city has only subpoenaed documents. the people testified voluntarily. i talked to committee members and while a subpoena is not a sure thing, if they come, the office will start with the office of management and budget which was the first to see
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solyndra's loan applications. back to you. >> thank you scott. time to check in with the nbc bay area weather center. meteorologist christina loren. >> i cannot wait to get outdoors. take a look at what the temperatures are right now. live picture, back to the temperatures, 59 degrees right now. that's one of the cool spots, pleasanton. elsewhere, we're in the 60s. 62 in napa. 59 in sunnyvale and all of the way into the 70s in some cities and enjoy the warmth because things start to change as we head into the weekend starting saturday. the area of low pressure will cross to our north and it will drag the cold front, very weak when it makes its way over the bay area and enough moisture carried onshore to bring a few isolated showers, and it will be cool and cloudy, morning fog and of course, it is a holiday weekend. you'll still be able to be outd'ors and anything that you see will be very light in
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nature. >> coming up, is the t room where whitney. that's ahead.
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>> no matter where whitney houston fans are on saturday, they'll be able to watch her private funeral. houston's publicist says a camera will be set up inside houston's childhood church in newark, new jersey, so the ceremony there can be streamed live on the internet. the funeral at the new hope baptist church is invitation only at the request of houston's family. we will have a link to watch it live online saturday morning at nbc bay meantime, the beverly hilton hotel room where whitney houston die side not reopen to guests. tmz's initial report houston's room was reoccupied with guests is unfounded. that according to competing e news. a spokesman tells e it is not rented and will not be rented in the foreseeable future.
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well, coming up next, lights, camera, oprah. is the media mogul making return to the big return to the big screen? we'll let you know. s now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv.
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we'll finish things up today with possible good news for oprah fans. along with running her own television network there is word on the street that the media mogul may be back on the big screen. >> of course, oprah was nominated for an oscar for "the color purple." that was in 1985. oprah has been very selective on the acting front and according to the hollywood reporter, miss winfrey is considering a role in the upcoming film "the butler." the story of eugene allen, a black butler who worked on the white house staff who worked from 1952 to 1986. oprah would play allen's wife. other stars to star with oprah, hugh jackman, mila kunis and
11:28 am
john cusack as richard nixon. >> pretty good lineup. >> yeah. i'd check it out. thanks for being with us. we'll leave you with a shot of the president's helicopter. there he is. he arrived at sfo at 1:00 today. thanks for joining us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. [ male announcer ] for some reason
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